Almost a year without blogging

Well, the title says it all. Time to change that, although with third child imminent I doubt it’ll be a regular as I’d like. Anyhoo on with the random ‘good’ness that occasionally appears in my head from time to time.

Played my first game of print & play yesterday ( – highly recommended btw) which really got me thinking about the future of Project Good. I have a number of ideas in the early stages involving Good: the Card game, Good: the RPG, TiRoBEx and GtB 2nd edition. My current train of thought is going for downloads for all of these. The reason? well I am but one guy (occasionally 2 or 3 if we actually get anything in order!) and I really don’t want to kickstarter any of them, I know it has it’s benefits, but I’m really not in it for the money (which at the end of the day tends to be the current theme on KS nowadays *cough* Mantic Games *cough CoolMiniOrNot *cough*).  First up is a rewrite/reorder of Good: the Battle and Nice: the Expansion; combining the two into one glorious pdf with all the tokens and cards print and playable (which to be honest was pretty much how I was selling the game, but pre-printed…). The only downside is that the Good/Bad dice will disappear – so if you’ve got your hands on a pair of those – you’re a lucky one. As for TiRoBEx; trying to get the time to sort out manufacturers for the cards and all that lot is just impossible given my current situation (i.e. having a job and a family), plus it’ll be an expensive outlay – Print & play would make sense, and the only things that you can’t print yourselves would be the dice (everyone’s got those), the miniatures; but you can buy them from for £1.10 for 4, and the 40mm bases (everyone has spares of those).

Onto the new things then: Good: the RPG. As soon as we started developing GtB it was mentioned how easy it would be to turn it into and RPG, you’d only need a D20, and it’ll pretty much be a swift conversion of the GtB rulebook with loads of fluff (Fluff we can do!). So that’ll be a development over a number of months, adding bits in here and there. Good: the Card Game. Print & play all the way, I have come up with a simple system derived from GtB, so I just need to get draft cards done on PaintShopPro and start shipping it out for playtesting.

Well that’s enough for one post, back to reality… sort of…



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