Fantasy Shindig

A world inhabited by fantastical creatures like Dragons, Elves and Reverse Mermaids. A world ravaged by badly spelt names like Gruthar, Dannoth and Rythnethyiguius. A world where altercations determine who will claim victory in war, love and whose turn it is to cook dinner.

Welcome to Nworyathe. Welcome to the Fantasy Shindig!

A brand new Fantasy Skirmish Wargame from Project Good.

Gather your heroes and begin a magical quest of hunting for epic items, finding hidden pathways, and beating the living daylights out of any other group of so-called heroes that might get in your way. Find potions, swords, scrolls and armour to help you on your mission; but watch out for monsters and cursed items that will no doubt try to ruin your day.

An extremely versatile game using a unique dual-dice rolling system where the bonuses or hindrances received during the game change the very dice you roll. Making use of all the Polyhedral dice (D4, D6, D8, D10, D12 & D20) your merry band of warriors, mages, clerics, druids, necromancers, rogues or a mix of them; can find themselves battling across open tabletops or crawling through the midst of a dungeon. All of the terrain you use can be searched for magical oddities, so who knows you might find a Sword of Slaying, a Potion of Healing or even the mythical Rolling Pin of destiny.

Add into the mix the ability to play against each other, co-operatively or even solo play. You might find yourselves rescuing villagers from pesky Goblins, cleansing a dungeon of undead or even attempting to slay a mighty dragon.

The Rulebook includes everything you need to know to play Fantasy Shindig; a skirmish level fantasy wargame, as well as 20 different character cards, 64 Monster cards, 45 Items cards, 6 Cursed Items, 5 Prisoner Cards, 3 Epic Items. You just need to bring yourselves, some miniatures, a couple of sets of polyhedral dice, a tape measure and find somewhere to play. With planned themed add-on packs to bring all manner of Fantasy Heroes and Foes into the realm – Let the Shindig Begin! 

Available Now – Exclusively on Wargame Vault

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