Who are We?

Project Good – This is what happens when three avid wargamers, board gamers and RPGers get together and have a crack at creating their own games. Good: The Battle was first dreamed up in 2002, as a means of an escape from the bog-standard d6 rolling stat-reliant games you see everywhere, and was heavily inspired by a cartoon that was running on television at the time. Eight years later we dusted off the old single print of a badly worded 4 page rule book, and gave it a new lease of life. Good, it seems, will always prevail.

We have simple ideals, none that involve us taking over the world, we just want other people to enjoy the games we make. We create/print/assemble/draw almost all of our games and accessories ourselves. (In fact you’ll need a pair of scissors to cut out the token sheets in Good!) Everything is designed by us, from the website to the pictures in the rulebook so all of our products truly are our own, and put together in good ol’ blighty.

Following the official release of Good: the Battle, we have created Nice: the Expansion, Good: the Athletics Edition and are developing lots more of our unhinged ideas. And here’s where you can find all the latest news about it!

mmmmmm…. Good.

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