Mostly Dead

The first expansion to Fantasy Shindig is here. Mostly Dead takes you into the nightmarish realm of the revenants, ghouls, witches and other fiendish creatures in the world of Nworyathe.

From vain Vampires – who despite having no reflection, always seem to have the most perfect hair; Werewolves – who never seem to have a partial transformation when there’s a waxing gibbous moon; Zombies – who clearly just need a half decent moisturiser; to Ghosts – who are only grumpy because they suffer from some form of agoraphobia.

This expansion contains additional rules including Incorporeal Movement, Regeneration, Gravesites and generic equipment cards. As well as four new additional Characters, 19 new Monsters, 20 new Items, 6 Scenarios and 6 Quests to further add to your adventures in Nworyathe. – The Shindig Continues!

Available Exclusively on Wargame Vault

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