New UK Wargaming Directory

Hello all, long time no type, I know..

Anyhoo – I have headed in a new direction with my other site Wargame Miniatures. I have turned it into a UK only Wargaming Miniatures Directory.

Not just clubs and societies but manufacturers, painters, bloggers, and more, all in one place. No listing of stores that offer 20% off this and that, all links go direct to the creators themselves.

What I really need now is your support – please submit content and I’ll add it on – it’s all free.

I’ve added a few bits (don’t worry I’ve got lots more planned anyway), but while I have quite a large knowledge of different companies, etc. I don’t know them all.

To submit anything – just go to this page and fill in the appropriate from, submit it, and give us a day or so (depending on how many we have to deal with at any one time) and it’ll be up and running.

Anyway I hope you find it useful and I look forward to your Support,



P.S. More TiRoBEx on its way over the next few weeks…

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