Back again – yeah it’s taken a while I know.

Child number three has been with us for three months now and I’m slowly getting back into some sort of routine, so i’ll attempt to blog a bit more (no promises right…)

First order of the day is redoing the website, I’ll be merging this blog and into one lovely new site during July/August. Second task is getting GtB 2nd ed. done – a few changes to the rules including the ability to completely destroy one of your powers in exchange for a whole bunch of good. So far have jotted down 15 or so new powers and I will get all powers on cards for quick reference. Still toying with methods of how to track a characters Good/Bad as the tokens can become a little messy as you get into the game. Also will try to spend some time doing new pictures, still I can only cope with pencil drawings – colour is way beyond my talents (so if anyone knows an artist let me know 😉 ). I’ll also refresh Good: Olympic edition ready for Rio 2016 and have jotted done a few ideas about making a football (soccer) version of the rules.

TiRoBEx just needs bulking out; the core rules are finished (perhaps a tweek or two will happen after some playtesting around July/August time).

That’s about my ramblings for now, stay Good 🙂

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