Nice: the Expansion

“It’s War!! …and it just got a whole lot nicer”

bighandJust when you thought it couldn’t get any better, Nice: the Expansion comes along! With over 50 new powers, more scenarios, more miniature bonuses, vehicle rules, civilian rules, even new ways to play! Powers like Goodzilla, Star Student and Combine; Fireball, Mechanic and Shindig Pandemic; even all the benefits of lobbing shoes at your opponent. Scenarios that involve taking a grand tour of the gaming board, miniatures bonuses for Fish-Handedness, and so much more…

dragonContinuing with the now familiar – “No miniatures – no Problem!” shenanigans, the rules still allow you to have a cucumber and a croissant in a pitched battle to the death! Only now they include Vehicles and Civilians. Even the vehicles gain bonuses for how big they are and how many guns they have strapped to them. Civilians respond to the fight going on around them; either by running for cover or attacking like a mob – but they still need to be weary of falling debris…

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