GtB Demo Board – What was I thinking?

I don’t know whether it’s age, children or tiredness (or a combo of all three), but I was actually going to make a demo board (with the exception of the GtB logo) that was going to be like any other, with grass, a few hills, and stuff like that. But whilst gathering all the bits together I suddenly realised that isn’t really what GtB is all about, so a quick rethink and i’m starting again – same sized board, still some grass (probably), but just to give you an idea, and to remind myself of what I’m now thinking –

Ketchup Bottle, Light Bulb, Rolling Pin, Spoon, Credit Card, Compact Disc, DVD Case, Marker Pen, Banana, 50p, and Sound Card.

Confused? I hope so – you just wait… 🙂

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