GtB: Daily Miniature Manual #18 – AT-71B Hound Dog Support Walker (Ground Zero Games – GZG)

Daily Miniature Manual

Just so you know this miniature is 6mm scale, and just something about using it in a game of GtB reminds me of that Small Soldiers film, or the Transformers: Targetmasters/Headmasters series’ & it’s quite a nice feeling when your tiny little robot is kicking the crap out of a demon prince – and better yet you get 6 of these guys in a pack, so you could have tiny little army of doom! And the random fact for the day is that GZG were the first non-GW company I ever bought a miniature from way back at a Salvo show in Colchester, ahhh youth…

 Close Combat Bonus: +0

Ranged Bonus: +2 (lots of guns for such a small robot)

Other Miniature Bonuses: 

Suggested Powers: AAARGH, Good Mechanic, I See You, Midget, Nigh-Invulnerable, Remote, Sturdy

Manufacturer Link:

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