TiRoBEx: Founding of the ARCANT – Preview

We are now back in full flow – fuller than ever as we’re working hard to get the releases back on schedule. Anyhoo – here’s a little preview of the upcoming Founding of the ARCANT Expansion for TiRoBEx – enjoy!

As the depths of space were scavenged for Tyridium, not of all of the planetary systems were favourable to the exploratory forces. The planets furthest from the principle star are often burdened with extremely low temperatures, and as such would make it difficult for the TRS colonising them to run at an efficient level. During the sudden increase in popularity of use of TRS on Earth for mining purposes, it was inevitable that TRS would be used for Diamond mining in the sub-zero temperatures of the Arctic along with the scientific research and exploratory missions in the Antarctic. Faction neutral, the TRS developers at the opposite poles of the shared technologies to develop TRS that could function at maximum efficiency at temperatures well below zero. Selling these technologies to various warring factions has allowed the ARCANT faction to be founded. Although predominantly an exploratory faction, the ARCANT are often called upon to defend their territories.

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