TiRoBEx – Tiny Robots, Big Explosions – Available Now!

The name says it all. Take control of the smallest robots, and run amok on the battlefield with explosions so huge that they cause the very ground to shake, obscure your vision and create a fireball so big that it lasts well into the following turns of the game. Allocate your power to ensure your tiny robot has the best chance of survival; will you increase your attack, attempt to dodge incoming fire, run like the wind? Whatever you choose, don’t forget about the resources scattered around the board, these could make or break your game…

From Project Good, the team that brought you Good: the Battle (the game you can play with any miniature, any scale, any genre anywhere!), comes a science fiction skirmish game set in the 28mm world, but using robots of about 6mm in height. They may be small, but they have the capability to destroy the entire board! The full rules are available from Wargame Vault including all the reference cards, sheets and tokens.

Once you’ve got the rules, all you need to play is some six-sided dice, twelve-sided dice, a tape measure, something to generate a random direction (scatter dice), a printer for the reference sheets/cards/tokens, oh and some Tiny Robots (like the Fleet Scale Mecha from Alternative Armies) on 40mm bases.

They may be small, but they can have a BIG impact!

TiRoBEx is available now from Wargame Vault!


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