TiRoBEx Unit Card Preview; Stalin-Gagarin

So as we near the release of TiRoBEx – it’s only fitting to preview some of the wonderful GOODness that can be found within – first up a look at a TRS (Tiny Robot System) – The Russian Federation’s Stalin-Gagarin. The TRS form the basis of the miniatures you control in the game – mounted on a 40mm base, the size of these violent little beasts falls under 6mm in comparative terms. They have the capability to destroy buildings and literally change the landscape by using AI (Area Impact) rounds to devastate the scenery! These blasts do not just disappear after exploding, the dust and flames they leave behind remain well into the next few turns of the game…

Following the creation of the Russian TRS Stalin-mk1 base unit by the child super genius Vladimir Kalashnikov, it became apparent that some of his earlier work could be put to good use. He was 12 when he first managed to turn his 1/72 scale Vostok-1 Airfix kit into a fully functioning near-earth orbiter, including a Yuri Gagarin animatronic pilot. Following an international incident which meant he had to forcibly land the craft, resulting in the destruction of the pilot, he retrofitted it to an arm of the Russian’s TRS base unit – The Stalin-Gagarin TRS was born.


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