Good: Tactics

Not content with having two games being written (albeit slowly), I’m now working on a third. Good: Tactics.

As part of the rewrite of GtB 2nd edition we’re taking out the mass troops options, and sticking to the one or two miniatures per player. Also TiRoBEx is a sci-fi game, so I really wanted something for the Fantasy genre. Based loosely on the RPG computer games of the 90s; Good: Tactics aims to bring forces of 5-10 characters together in an easy to play all out conflict. I’m trying to make it so there are no numbers on the character cards, but don’t worry – it’s still a wargame so you will be rolling dice. Finishing off the first draft and first couple of characters this week to get some preliminary playtesting done, then I’ll try my best to keep you updated. I haven’t given up on the other games, I tend to get ideas in my head then go full pelt until something shiny pops into my mind and distracts me (normally my three children delay progress too 🙂 ).

Anyhoo – keep being Good.

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