TiRoBEx – General thoughts and Stuff

It’s still on the menu, I have just been excessively busy with every other aspect of my life that other things have had to take preference. But, with the summer hols just around the corner, TiRoBEx is getting some of my time dedicated to it. Yey!

On that note I’m probably thinking too far ahead, but am essentially looking for suggestions as to what the main game should consist of. Good: the Battle consisted of the rulebook, the dice and a load of cardboard sheets. TiRoBEx is a bit more specific to the miniatures required for the game (i.e. they need to be tiny), so wondered if they should be included as part of a boxed set maybe; just ‘available from these manufacturers’, or if I can convince someone to do a bespoke, TiRoBEx own, miniatures line. Likewise there are a number of accessories that the game uses (Power-Up crates being one of them) – should I do them as ‘cut-your-own-out-and-build’ cards with the game, or dare I try and get some solid paint-able miniature pieces for those as well?

Just my random ramblings, but if anyone has any thoughts it’d be great to hear them…

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