GtB: Daily Miniature Manual #28 – Equanimous Warrior (Rackham Miniatures)

Daily Miniature Manual

Much like me; the Rackham Equanimous Warrior is not all there. A fantasic effect is created on this miniature which makes it ideal for use with any of the GtB powers that involve the water or the air, as well as any stealthy-wispy type movement powers.

 Close Combat Bonus: +1

Ranged Bonus: +1 (pretty sure it can throw the spear)

Other Miniature Bonuses: Flight

Suggested Powers: Goodnami, Good for the Skies, Teleportation, Stealth, Spirit of Good, Levitation, Ghost, Aerodynamic, Aaargh.

Manufacturer Link: OOP – might find one on eBay

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