GtB Demo Board – Stage 1 “Dinosaurs, Bananas and Decorators Caulk”

We’ll it’s underway – the Projectgood mug has been sealed into the hillside, the banana has been added, dinosaur’s arse fixed into the board, and now filling in gaps before layer of primer. After the initial amount of terrain I was using, I realised it took to much attention away from the game, and as it was a demo table I wanted to make sure the focus was on the game itself more than the board it was being played on. Just resulted in taking out the ketchup bottle, battery, pen, and something else… (it’s like one of those kiddies memory puzzles!) Here’s the bird’s eye view then:

GtB Demo Board at 270212


I rediscovered the joys of decorators caulking – if you’ve never used this on scenery before I really recommend it, nice smooth finishes on those really tricky joins – no good for a major filler though – had to resort to the traditional air drying clay for that one.

Haven’t quite decided on what to do for the board edges yet though – most likely I’ll add some sort of wooden border, but need to think of a GtB tweek to it…

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