GtB Demo Board – Stage 0 – trial and error

Well the original list consisted of:

Ketchup Bottle, Light Bulb, Rolling Pin, Spoon, Credit Card, Compact Disc, DVD Case, Marker Pen, Banana, 50p, and Sound Card.

This has now changed slightly to:

Ketchup Bottle, Compact Disc, DVD Case, AA Battery, Plug, Pen, Banana, 50p, Sound Card, Project Good Mug and Dinosaur’s Arse.

Reasons being: Light Bulb – couldn’t actually find a non-energy efficient light bulb . Rolling Pin – too big, Credit Card – too maxed out, Marker Pen – too branded, Spoon – occupying my coffee mug (not the one I’m using though).

Hopefully this allows you to visualise my quest to make a gaming board with a Project Good twist, if not here’s a photo to help:

I’d like to say that the photo is deliberately blurry to add an element of mystery, but actually it’s just a result of too much coffee…

It obviously needs a lot of work too – mostly just rough-cutting atm, and experimenting with fillers, paints etc. MAy add a few more elements to it, and deciding what sort of base theme to go for (grass, desert, lava…). Also, as you can see a couple of the elements are missing; Banana in the post – that was a weird series of emails, Ketchup Bottle still has ketchup in it… So until next time: Be Good.


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