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Look at our shiny new badge to the right of the screen – We are now a proud member of the Shell Case Alliance. Which, in case you’ve never heard of it is essentially a list of bloggers who ramble on about all things wargamey. I will get the links on the side of the page updated soon, but in the meantime here’s the list of those current part of the alliance:

The Shell Casehttp://theshellcase.wordpress.com
Miniature Musings of a Bearhttp://minimusingofabear.wordpress.com/
Nick’s Bloghttp://www.nickrapson.co.uk/
Paint & Biscuitshttp://paintandbiscuits.wordpress.com/
Johnny Hawkwindhttp://johnnyhawkwind.wordpress.com/
The Life & Times of a Wargames Butterflyhttp://www.mikehobbs.co.uk/
The Working Mind of Durne Kellhttp://durnekell2k.blogspot.com/
Epic Wargaminghttp://epicwargaming.com/blog/
Colonel Shofer’s Mild OCD Model Bloghttp://colshofer.blogspot.com/
Trollblood Scrumhttp://www.trollbloodscrum.com/
Political Dicehttp://politicaldice.6sided.net/
Elblondinos Workbenchhttp://elblondino.weebly.com/blog.html
Ramblings from the Trencheshttp://ramblingsfromthetrenches.wordpress.com/
Snake Eyes Gameshttp://snakeeyesgames.wordpress.com/
Tales of a Tabletop Skirmisherhttp://pressganger.blogspot.com/
Do You Have A Flag?http://gotflag.blogspot.com/
Whelp Slayerhttp://whelpslayer.wordpress.com/
Kenzie’s Tabletop Gaminghttp://www.kenzie213.blogspot.com/
Good the Bloghttp://http://goodtheblog.wordpress.com

That should keep you busy 🙂


  1. Not just any list of bloggers, but proud members of The Shell Case forum who support each other’s blogging efforts and growth in the hobby. Welcome aboard.

  2. Welcome, really nice blog and I can’t wait to see new posts. This alliance really keeps me busy =P

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