More Good the Battle Kickstarter previews

Still toying with the prices, but here’s the current list of add-ons we’ll have ready for the Kickstarter:

  • Character Reference Playmats (Mousemat material with Good/Bad Tokens)
  • GtB T-Shirts
  • GtB Mugs
  • TiRoBEx PDFs at a special KS Price
  • D20s

And there’ll be stretch goal add-ons (if it goes well)

  • Improved Quality (i.e. Plastic) Good/Bad Tokens
  • Decks of Scenarios
  • Decks of Miniature Bonuses
  • Deck of Powers
  • Fish-Hand Limited Edition Pewter Miniature

And as a special treat here’s the image of the Good: the Battle Playmat (well the draft version anyways 🙂 )

Please note that the Decks as stretch goals will be physical versions shipped to you. Digital versions will be available in all the pdfs regardless, and will be available to order as hardcopies direct from Wargames Vault (they’ll print on demand for you) after the Rulebook goes on general release 🙂


Keep Good.


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