Now is a Good a time as any…

Right then – Let’s do this. Dates for releases have been a bit screwed, apologies for that, but while I’ve found new inspiration (- thanks Erik 🙂 ) Going to devote more time to Good the Battle 2nd edition. This does mean that Good: the Battle 1st edition will be dropping off of Wargames vault in about a week(ish) – so get your copy now!

Here’s a nice picture of the new cover of Good the Battle 2nd. As we’re going full digital copies it’s going to be a full colour rulebook, like the TiRoBEx series, and I am now sending off various emails to miniature manufacturers to request permission to use their minis in the book, to help explain the rules and hopefully give some examples of how the miniature bonuses work.

Yes we are going to be kickstartering it – so while the main rules will have 75 powers as a base in it, the Kickstarter edition will have 80 powers as a base and  more with stretch goals (10+ for the core rules, and 10+ extra for the Kickstarter edition). There’ll be 15 miniature bonuses in the main rules as a base, with 18 in the Kickstarter version, both with 5+ to potentially come depending on stretch goals.

All the seasonal powers will be rejigged for 2nd edition, and depending on stretch goals may be included with the kickstarter package – Currently rules for Valentines, Halloween, Weddings, Christmas, Easter. These will be added to with New Years, Birthdays, and Pancake day, to name a few. Also have the barebones of Sport versions including Olympic edition (which we released as a 1st Edition add-on), Football (soccer if you;re not from round here), Basketball, and Winter Olympic versions.

Anyway, enough of typing this – back to being productive.


Keep Good.


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