It’s going to be kicking off (in a Good way) soon…

Well now my arm is well on the mend it’s time for an update. The time lost due to the breakage has meant I’ve had to change the release schedule quite drastically – While Fantasy Shindig is a project I’m very proud of so far, my lack of mobility has resulted in a) a lack of rules being rewritten/written/etc. b) no images or logos being produced and c) zero opportunities for playtesting. Therefore I’ve dropped the release until 2018, along with the third TiRoBEx exapnsion – I’d rather have a good quality game at the end of the day than release something I’ve rushed and haven’t thoroughly tested.

That being said Good: the Battle will be returning full force with a kickstarter. Up until now I’ve been very much against the kickstarter idea (I love making games anyway, so thought I’d just make them; pop them online and hope for the best… with a bit of advertising here and there) so what would be the point in going down the kickstarter route? I’ve spent a fair bit of my recent time going through the pros and cons of kickstarting and I’m really going for it as a way to gauge interest in what I’m doing – essentially making sure these games I create are actually worth my while and people are at least half as passionate about them as I am. Any funds above my goal (which will pretty much cover costs of time spent writing, drawing, editing, graphic-ing and promoting) I’ll use to work on Fantasy Shindig.

It’s not going to be massive, I know, so I’ll set the project a modest goal, and being as the game will be digital format rules/print and play – what have I got to lose? The original Good: the Battle released 7 years ago and counting and had a small but almost cult following, of which I’ve lost touch – I really want to get that back – So I’m going to spend my time refining the rules and making the latest version the best it can possibly be. In all honesty the rewrite has been well underway for the past couple of years anyhoo – so the kickstarter will (hopefully) give me the drive to finish it off!

More details to follow over the month – but in the meantime – Keep being Good!

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