Project Good Release Schedule 2017 – Updated August 28th

We’ve got lots of things in various stages of development, some are even named! So to keep you informed of what’s coming this year from Project Good HQ, here’s the release schedule for 2017! You heard it here first – and keep ’em peeled for updates!

May – Rise of the Golden Mask (TiRoBEx Expansion) – New Faction, New Scenarios, New TRS Abilities.

August – Founding of ARCANT (TiRoBEx Expansion) – New Faction, Narrative Campaign, New TRS Abilities, Additional Terrain Rules.

September – Fantasy Shindig – Project Good’s New Fantasy Skirmish Wargame.

Worlds of Optimus 9 (TiRoBEx Expansion) – New TRS for released Factions, Perpetual Campaign Rules.

October – Untitled Character Expansions for Fantasy Shindig.

Untitled Monster Expansions for Fantasy Shindig.

November – Good: the Battle 2nd Edition.

December – Festive Rules/Scenarios for all 3 of Project Good’s released games.

Note: Schedule subject to change

Who knows what 2018 will bring? One thing’s for sure…. it’s all Good.


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